02. February 2024

Retained samples: What do I need retained samples of?

reserve samples: WHAT DO I NEED SOME OF?

It is advisable to take reserve samples of all food that you prepare yourself. This applies to perishable foods and dishes such as salads, desserts, sauces, hot dishes, etc.

Although you are not legally obliged to create retained samples, we strongly recommend this to our customers in the retail and system catering sector. In the event of an incident, the retained sample serves as evidence and can exonerate you. For example, if a guest falls ill after eating your product, you can use the retained sample of the dish in question to prove that there was nothing wrong with your products and that you are not to blame for the illness.

Meto's system solutions support you with the correct labelling of your retained samples and offer you legal certainty. As a retail labelling expert, we have decades of experience in the production of labels. Large retail and system catering companies rely on our expertise. The following products are ideal for labelling retained samples.

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