Whether for indoor or outdoor use, as a complete solution or individual element - our modular systems provide the perfect framework for your advertising campaigns and price and product information.


Our framing solutions are modular advertising and information carriers made of plastic or aluminium. They can provide unobtrusive support for your price and product information or support your branding by matching the colours to your corporate design. In this way, posters and lists can be harmoniously integrated into the sales area or visually emphasised. 

Our framing solutions at a glance:

Plastic frame 

  • Poster frames 

  • Frame stand 

  • Shelf frames  

  • Promotion stopper 

  • List holder 

  • Transparent Poster Covers

  • Versatile range of accessories for every application

Aluminium frame

  • Aluminium snap frame, also available as a water- and weatherproof version 

  • Aluminium roof display, also available as a water- and weatherproof version 

  • Pavement stands

  • Window snap frames 

  • Versatile & extensive accessories

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OVERVIEW OF THE METO framing solutions

Framing solutions

Poster frame

Our plastic poster frames are characterised by their simple and self-explanatory handling and are versatile thanks to our wide range of mounting options. Due to numerous colour options, they make it easier for your customers to find their way around the interior of your sales outlet.

  • DIN plastic frame made of ABS 

  • Available in sizes DIN A1 to DIN A6 

  • Wide range of RAL colours available, other RAL colours on request 

  • For hanging or standing


Framing solutions

Frame stand

The frame stands from Meto can be used to communicate information of all kinds simply and effectively to your customers. Thanks to their practical design, they can be easily placed on flat surfaces.

  • Available for DIN A3 and DIN A4 frame formats 

  • For use in portrait and landscape format 

  • Consisting of poster frame, telescopic tube (extendable up to 60cm), G-adapter and metal base plate 

  • Available as a larger version (pallet stand) 

  • Various base plates available separately (jumbo, metal, stainless steel, plastic)


Framing solutions

Shelf frame

Thanks to an extensive range of fixing accessories, our shelf frames can be used in a variety of ways on the shelf to implement customised product or price information directly on the goods. 

  • Transparent frames made of ABS 
  • Available for DIN A7 and DIN A8 frame formats 
  • For use in portrait and landscape format 
  • Adjustable to 3 different heights 
  • Also available with rounded corners 
  • Wide range of accessories for every application


Framing solutions

Promotion stoppers

Promotion stoppers make it possible to place advertising, price or product messages directly on the shelf against the usual flow of customers in order to attract the greatest possible attention. 

  • For customised product or price labelling against the customer flow 
  • Red swivelling frame made of ABS with axle bearing point  
  • For DIN A6 paper format


Framing solutions

List holder

Our list holders are an ideal aid at checkouts, e.g. for non-labelled products.  

  • For up to 12 or 20 A4 lists, such as price lists, with/without barcode 
  • To support checkout staff with non-labelled items 
  • Consisting of black telescopic stand made of aluminium, ABS or PA (extendable to 45 - 67 cm), 6 or 10 A4 frames in light grey (RAL 7040), 6 or 10 non-reflective protective covers and plastic base plate 
  • Tilt angle adjustable in 2 positions


Framing solutions

transparent poster covers

With our transparent poster covers, price, advertising and product messages can be emphasised in the market in a variety of ways. 

  • Discreet alternative to poster frames 
  • Curved PVC pockets (U-shaped), also available as a self-adhesive version 
  • Available in sizes DIN A1 to DIN A4, as well as DIN A4/A5 landscape and 21 x 7.3 cm  
  • Various mounting options: With eyelets for hanging, with 2 hooks for basket mounting or with magnetic tape for attaching to metal surfaces 
  • ABS version available for placing on the counter


Framing solutions

Aluminium snap frame

Meto's aluminium snap frames are known for their modern appearance. The frames are slim and have a metallic finish, which gives the displayed content a professional and elegant look. 

  • Frames made from aluminium profiles 
  • Available in sizes DIN A0 to DIN A4 and 70x100 cm 
  • Mitred edges 
  • Available as a standard or water- and weatherproof SlimLine version


Framing solutions

window snap frame

Window snap frames are used to display advertising, price or product information directly on the inside of the shop window, visible from inside and/or outside. To complete the look, a cover profile can be attached to the outside of the shop window (using the foam adhesive tape supplied). 

  • Can be fitted with two posters (inside and outside) 
  • For mounting on the inside of the shop window, can be fitted with an additional cover profile on the outside (to be ordered separately) 
  • Consisting of frame and self-adhesive cover profile. Self-adhesive tape on the back of all surfaces 
  • With non-reflective, UV-resistant protective cover (0.5 mm)


Framing solutions

Pavement stand

Pavement stands increase the visibility of advertising or product messages and allow quick adaptation to changing information thanks to easy handling. 

  • For outdoor advertising 
  • For attaching posters on both sides 
  • Mitred edges 
  • Available in DIN A0, DIN A1 and 70x100 cm as well as silver and red as standard 
  • Available as a standard or water- and weatherproof SlimLine version 


Framing solutions

framing solutions accessories

Meto's extensive range of framing accessories allows you to effectively display and present your price and product information. From hooks to magnetic solutions to protective covers, everything is available. We also have writing utensils and poster pens for customised poster design in our range!

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