In today's world, where transparency and safety in the food sector are of paramount importance, our food seal labels are the answer to your requirements.


Our seal labels are your guarantee of freshness and quality. They immediately show your customers that your product is intact and safe.
They are specially designed to ensure that your food products have not been opened or tampered with during transport and retail.

Choose our food seal labels to protect your products and gain the trust of your customers at the same time. Your customers will buy your products with a good feeling when they see our seals.


Combine quality with trust. Our food seal labels are not just a simple label - they are your brand's promise of quality and safety.

Rely on seal labels that leave an impression.

We use environmentally friendly materials and production processes to ensure that our seal labels not only protect your products, but also respect the environment.

We offer customised seal labels that perfectly match your individual packaging requirements. From size to colour - your brand takes centre stage.

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OVERVIEW OF METO sealing labels


VOID labels with scattered printing, such as the MetoSafe label, offer the highest level of tamper protection. When the packaging is opened, the seal label leaves a clearly visible marking ("open", "opened", "ouvert").

Inconspicuous resealing of the packaging is therefore impossible, the customer recognises at first glance if his product has been opened without authorisation.



MetoSecure labels are security labels that tear into conspicuous small fragments when the packaging is opened.

An intact seal gives the consumer the certainty that the goods are untouched. In addition to its function as a sealing label, MetoSecure therefore also offers increased tamper protection.



The most cost-effective option for a secure closure is the MetoClosure label. The classic closure labels ensure a reliable closure and protect against leakage during transport or storage.

For this reason, they are ideal for take-away containers for food and beverages.

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Conserving the environment and resources is a key challenge of our time and an important issue for Meto. We are constantly working on developing sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for you. We already have a genuine innovation in our range of labels in the form of grass paper labels.

  • Sustainable: Reduces the consumption of wood, e.g. from rainforests

  • Less CO2: Short transport routes reduce CO2 emissions by 50%

  • Biodegradable: The natural fibres are biodegradable and 100% recyclable

  • Free from harmful substances: Free from allergens, dermatologically compatible and suitable for use in the food sector. The conversion into paper takes place completely without the use of chemicals

  • Economical: Reduces high raw material costs as well as water and energy consumption

  • 100% vegan: The entire manufacturing process is completely free of animal products


Meto labels can be dissolved in water

Do you regularly have to laboriously scrape the labels off your washable containers such as glass, porcelain, metal and plastic? Meto offers you a new labelling material for hand labellers and thermal transfer printing that dissolves in water in next to no time.

  • Residue-free removal: No label residue remains on the surface after washing

  • Dissolves quickly in water: The labels dissolve completely in a very short time without mechanical movement

  • Free from harmful substances: BPA- and BPS-free label material, certified according to FDA 175.105

  • Quick to clean surfaces: No additional washing process required as the substrate is clean after the first process

  • Saves labour costs: The water-soluble labels can be removed in no time at all. The work process is accelerated


Meto labels transparent

Transparent labels are a popular way of conveying information in a high-quality form when labelling and marking products. The labels carry all the relevant information without obscuring the view of the contents or devaluing the product design with a "sticker".

  • Can be used as a deep-freeze and permanent label 

  • Ideal for application even in humid environmental conditions 

  • The transparent label conveys subsequently applied information in a "non-label look"


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