AN EXCELLENT STORY The History of Meto

First a pioneer, then a benchmark for the standard in labeling and marking and finally a provider of integrated system solutions for a smooth flow of goods throughout the entire supply chain - since its foundation in 1918, Meto has continuously developed and reinvented itself time and again. Today, we are the partner of retailers and system catering for effective, sales-promoting communication at the POS.

Turbulent years
1918 - 1958

Meto was founded on February 16, 1918 by Adolf Metzger and Oskar Kind in Cologne. They also gave the company its name: MET from Metzger and O from Oskar. The company originally specialized in packaging equipment and wire-binding technology, but the early years were characterized above all by change.

Meto adapted and developed, surviving the post-war period, a world war and the economic crisis, among other things. The necessary changes also included two relocations, which ultimately led the company to the picturesque Hirschhorn am Neckar, where the headquarters are still located today.

The turning point

Oskar Kind brought the pioneering idea of attaching labels to products in a simple way from the USA and invented the world's first hand labeling device in 1959: “Jedermann”. This innovative device was a revolution for product labeling in retail and, in a way, the beginning of Meto as it is known and appreciated in many sectors and industries today.

The growth phase
1960 - 1998

In the 1960s, Meto began producing pre-printed labels and expanded its range to include innovative products such as the wavy edge label and the first device with two print lines. Individual, customer-specific merchandising was also driven forward during this time. The establishment of its own label production and the takeovers by the American company Dymo Industries in 1968 and later by the Swedish Esselte Group in 1978 gave Meto further impetus and helped the company to expand its market presence and enter the electronic market for retail equipment.

The introduction of plastic labeling devices in the 1980s, the continuous development of new product lines such as the NF series and the Profi series as well as new products such as the PromoSign price cassettes contributed significantly to the consolidation of Meto's market position. In the 1990s, the portfolio was then further expanded, including the introduction of electronic scales, electromagnetic article surveillance with antenna systems and the integration of barcode printers.

Progress in every direction
1999 - Today

In 1999, Meto became part of Checkpoint Systems, which opened up new opportunities and synergies. The following years brought the introduction of numerous new products - including the MegaMeto series and the innovative Meto Eagle hand labeler, whose further developments are still state of the art today.

In 2016, Checkpoint Systems was acquired by CCL Industries, one of the world's largest manufacturers of labels and packaging solutions. This acquisition enabled Meto to benefit from the global group's extensive resources and expertise and to further establish itself on the market.

Since 2017, Meto has expanded its online sales activities and continuously added to its product range. In addition to effectiveness, the focus is increasingly on sustainability, as demonstrated by materials such as grass paper and solutions such as water-soluble labels. The introduction of a modern product information management system and membership of the German Association of System Gastronomy are further examples of Meto's ongoing commitment to innovation and progress.

Milestones in recent years 2017 - 2024
  • 2017: Entry into online sales as an Amazon vendor.

  • 2018: Introduction of new label materials and modernization measures at the headquarters.


  • 2019: Re-introduction of a range of thermal printers.
  • 2020: Membership of the German Association of System Gastronomy.
  • 2021: Launch of the Meto Classic price labeler series and win of the Red Dot Design Award.
  • 2022: Introduction of sealing labels and the Meto Shop online ordering platform.
  • 2023: Revision of the Meto Expert premium product range and introduction of the Amazon Seller program.
  • 2024: Relaunch of the Meto Home website.


Meto today and a look into the future

A significant step in recent years has been the development and introduction of electronic shelf labels (ESL). This technology enables retailers to update prices and product information in real time, resulting in significant efficiency gains and cost savings. We have established ourselves as a pioneer in the provision of fasteners and accessories in this area, offering comprehensive solutions that meet modern retail requirements.

We are proud of our history of over a century of continuous innovation and adaptability. We look forward to continuing this exciting journey together with you and moving the retail industry forward with customized solutions.


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