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Meto – The whole range of professional hand labeling,
price marking and signing systems


Meto Eagle Xl 3zl 150dpi Rgb
Hand labeler and dispenser in original Meto quality

Since 1959 we offer suitable hand-labeler dispenser and labeling solutions for all applications:
Price labeling and coding, promotion of new products, labeling of reduced items, labeling in accordance with European Food Information Regulation (FIR), seal of freshness for fresh-cut products, bonus an loyalty points for customer loyalty programs, labeling in industrial production, labeling in the field of medical sterilisation, anti-theft tagging. We attach the utmost importance to the quality and durability of our products.
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Meto Etiketten Graspapier Wasserloeslich
Product Innovations

New at Meto.

Learn more about our new product innovations:

Meto labels made of grass paper »

Meto labels dissolvable in water »

Aus Und KennzeichnungsloesungenIdentification And Labelling Solutions
Our new landingpage for identification and labelling solutions for the retail sector and system catering.

20.9 % of all complaints in German facilities regarded problems with labelling and packaging.

Learn more about our system solutions!

Foodwaste Kit Meto Eagle
"Too good for the bin"

The Meto solution against food waste

Appreciate food! The best before date is not an „expiration date“. Foods with an exceeded best before date are often still eatable and are not automatically spoiled.

Meto Sealing labels for Fresh-Cut products in supermarkets

Meto offers manufacturers and retailers sealing labels for fresh convenience products like smoothies, salads or quark with fruit, sealing labels in different formats, colors and adhesives. read more »

Thermoetiketten Rollen
Thermo labels for the labeling and identification of merchandise in the retail sector

Delivery of the standard range to anywhere in Germany within 24 hours of receipt of an order.

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ESL BefestigungESL Fixing Solution
Fixing solutions for electronic price marking

We offer suitable accessories to fix and highlight electronic price tags anywhere in your store.
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Einweg Preisschild nach Verpackungsgesetz
Getränke-Kennzeichnung Einweg/Mehrweg

For German market only! Die neuen Hinweispflichten nach Verpackungsgesetz

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Lesen Sie mehr dazu, was es mit dem Begriff "Letztvertreiber" auf sich hat, zu Ihren neuen Hinweispflichten und den passenden Meto Lösungen.

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