02. February 2024

Retention samples: What is the best way to label them?

reserve samples: HOW DO I MARK THEM OPTIMALLY?

You should keep at least 100 grams of every dish you make yourself as a reserve sample. This applies to perishable foods and dishes such as salads, desserts, hot dishes and sauces. There is no legal obligation to create reserve samples, but we strongly recommend it - for your own protection in the event of an incident.

There are various things to bear in mind when creating a reserve sample. Each food must be taken separately and a separate sample created for it - for example, one each for sauce, meat and side dish. The description of the contents is important for correct labelling of the reserve sample, as are the date and time of sampling. The following applies to storage: at least seven days at -18 °C.

Only Meto's system solutions offer you security in the correct labelling of your retained samples. As a "Retail Label Expert", we have more than 50 years of experience in the production of labels for the food retail sector. Well-known retail and system catering companies have been working with us for years. The following products are ideal for labelling retained samples.

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