You won’t want to put it down: The Meto pricing gun optimizes your workflow – be it for labeling with the price, date, or item, batch, machine or employee numbers. Your Meto pricing gun is versatile, always to hand and easy to use, and impresses with its consistently perfect print image. When it comes to prices, labeling and numbers, trust METO. The original article, since 1959.

Meto Classic und Meto Basic

Whichever model you choose, it will fully satisfy your requirements. Our Basic model range is your easy route into the world of product labeling: label your products precisely with the most important information. For more complex content, such as batch numbers or 3-line printing, our Classic range offers the models of choice.

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On the safe side: high-quality materials and regular quality checks make the Meto pricing gun robust and durable, with up to a three-year warranty.

Child’s play: our tried and tested pressure-point mechanism and the high indexing rate ensure precise and constant print quality.

No more wrist pain: its ergonomic design makes the pricing gun easier to hold.

Almost magical: the print quality is consistently high, regardless of how much pressure you apply when using the pricing gun.

Unpack and you’re good to go: the set includes the pricing gun together with label and ink rolls already inserted.

Discover the world of Meto

Pricing guns

Always ready for use, always spot on: your Meto Classic and Meto Basic.

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Ink rolls

Find the right ink rolls for your Meto pricing gun.

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Choose from a range of colors, shapes and sizes.

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Individual labels

Normal is too boring for you? If so, you can customize your labels with ease.

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The right pricing gun for your application

Things are heating up in your kitchen.

You need tools that fit comfortably in the hand, enable you to work quickly, and last many years – just like your knives. Meto pricing guns fit the bill perfectly: even in the hustle and bustle, they can be used for example to label food with best-before dates, quickly and reliably. Another benefit: the ergonomic shape is a boon for stressed wrists, and makes labeling as easy as a flick of the wrist.

Your florist’s business: a paradise for all that is beautiful.

Enchanting flowers, arranged with taste and creativity. The right vases, figurines, small picture frames – a wealth of small accessories that make life more beautiful. To maintain the impression, the price labels must also be just right, and of high quality. In particular, consider the importance of consistently high print quality, which ensures a harmonious overall appearance and makes your wares look elegant and stylish.

Insist on the best – for your customers and yourself.

You sell only what you would be willing to use yourself. You attach importance to quality. This also applies to the “tools of the trade” that you make use of every day. So why compromise with your pricing gun? Put your trust in the original item – your METO.

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An extra year’s warranty on top

High-quality materials and regular quality checks make our pricing gun a robust and durable tool. We are so confident in our products that we grant you up to three years’ warranty when you register.