16. May 2024


The Role of the Federal Association of System Gastronomy (BdS)

The Federal Association of System Gastronomy e.V. (BdS) is a central entity as an employers' and economic association that represents the interests of system gastronomy in Germany. The association supports a wide range of members, from international large chains to specialized smaller businesses, and advocates for improving the industry's framework conditions. This is done through active influence and constructive dialog at the political level.

The BdS promotes stable and fair tariff policy and offers comprehensive support, from legal advice to current information on government aid. This support is particularly important in challenging times to strengthen foodservice industry as a reliable employer and significant economic player. The industry serves millions of guests each year and generates significant revenues.

Additionally, members of the BdS benefit from a strong network that not only offers business advantages but also creates a platform for exchange and cooperation, as recently seen in Berlin. This network is crucial for jointly promoting innovation and adapting to market changes.

The association is committed to continuously strengthening and promoting system gastronomy with expertise and dedication. With numerous services and tariff guarantees, the BdS supports its members to be successful and future-proof even in challenging times.

Meto Your partner for labeling and identification in the food service industry

As a committed supporting member of the Federal Association of System Gastronomy (BdS), Meto plays a central role in the system gastronomy network. Our customized solutions for labeling and identification are designed to significantly improve both efficiency and quality in your foodservice operations. Our deep industry knowledge allows us to develop products that optimize your operational processes and noticeably increase customer satisfaction.

Our participation in key events such as the BdS General Meeting underlines our continued commitment and leading role in developing innovative labeling systems. Meto is your ideal partner when it comes to reliable and high quality solutions in the food service industry. We support you in successfully mastering market challenges of the market and always offer practical and effective assistance.

Trust Meto, your expert in professional labeling and identification, and let us work together to perfect your processes.

We invite you to contact us via our contact form. Your concerns are important to us and we guarantee to get back to you within 24 hours. Take the opportunity to be advised directly by our team of experts and discover how Meto can make your business more efficient.

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