Legal principles and requirements

Legal principles and requirements


Food Information Regulation (FIR)
The Food Information Regulation (FIR) essentially governs labelling obligations with regard to allergens, frozen foods, use-by dates and expiry dates.


Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points is a control system designed for quality assurance in all production processes that pertain to food – from manufacturing and distribution through to storage.

Legal principles and requirements

Food monitoring

20.9 % of all complaints in German facilities regarded problems with labelling and packaging.

2017 findings for food monitoring within the framework of the multi-year national control plan in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 882/2004 from the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety.

Food monitoring
Challenges with regard to labelling

Challenges with regard to labelling

  • Compliance with statutory requirements for labelling
  • Legal certainty with regard to new statutory requirements
  • Supporting and ensuring the efficiency of processes
  • Making consumer information visible
  • Placing advertising messages to promote sales
Challenges with regard to labelling

Meto – Innovation is our tradition

Meto with almost 100 years of experience
We are offering the retail sector and system catering the opportunity to effectively inform their customers of prices, use-by dates, product information and special promotions while doing a better job of communicating sales
information of all kinds.

Meto – Innovation is our tradition

Benefits of Meto labelling solutions

Meto labelling solutions have been successfully put to the test and used many thousands of times on a daily basis.

Meto system solutions help you to …

  • Satisfy statutory requirements for food labelling.
  • Enjoy legal certainty, also with regard to new statutory
    requirements for food labelling.
  • Safely, simply and economically label foods at the
    counter, in the kitchen or in the restaurant.
  • Adapt to specific requirements and/or environments.
  • Make consumer information readily visible.
  • Effectively place advertising messages.
System solutions

System solution Meto Print

High-performance thermal printers with a comprehensive range of labels and downloadable, ready-to-use print templates – also suitable for stand-alone operation.

Your benefits with Meto Print

  • Both PC-supported and stand-alone modes are possible
  • Dynamic templates with date and time-dependent entry options (real-time clock)
  • Use of
    • existing templates
    • individual templates created especially for your requirements
  • Legally correct information in accordance with the Food Information Regulation (FIR) and HACCP
  • Blank and pre-printed labels
  • Wide range of label materials and adhesives that have been certified and approved for use in direct contact with food, suitable for your area of application

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System solution Meto Print
System solution Meto Mobile

System solution Meto Mobile

Easy-to-handle printers and dispensers Professional hand-labeler with individual texts, date and time.

Your benefits with Meto Mobile

  • The certainty that comes from having a large number of pre-defined, legally approved texts
  • Mobile solution for the professional labelling of products at POS
  • Extremely economical with a long service life
  • Ready for immediate use
  • Individually adaptable in accordance with the specific application and customer requirements
  • Patented printing technology for precision and constant print quality
  • Ergonomic handle for fatigue-proof working

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System solution Meto Mobile

System solution Meto Direct

Attract customer attention with information and advertising labels. In a practical dispenser box or with a table-dispenser for hand labelling on request. Label materials certified for use with food.

Your benefits with Meto Direct

  • Individual pre-prints according to area of use
  • The daily labels make it easy for you to comply with legal requirements regarding the labelling of food processing activities
  • Individual rolls can be reordered according to their frequency of use
  • Stationary solution with multiple label rolls
  • Clear organization makes it easy to find things quickly
  • Practical dispenser box and storage for as many as seven dispenser boxes
  • Metal dispenser up to 330 mm wide for wall or table-mounting

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System solution Meto Direct

System solution Meto Seal

Wide range of materials, adhesives and shapes Materials and adhesives certified for use with food Individual pre-prints for communicating information and advertising messages.

Your benefits with Meto Seal

  • Freshly sealed, fast and efficient
  • Reliable protection against unauthorized opening ­­­–­­­ initial opening protection
  • Over-corner application possible
  • Can also be used as an advertising and information label with printed
    • Special offer content
    • Product information
    • Use-by date
    • Batch number

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Meto – Your “Retail label expert”

  • Part of the world’s largest label manufacturer CCL Industries
  • With state-of-the-art production processes for every print technology
  • Put your trust in our 50 years of experience in the manufacture of labels for food retail
Meto – Your „Retail label expert“
Meto – Your „Retail label expert“
  • Pre-print stage includes artwork and design under a single umbrella
  • Certified manufacturer in accordance with BRC and ISO with a production location in Germany
  • Complies with HACCP standards Efficient supply from own storage and logistics service providers in house
  • Reliable and long-standing partner of prominent customers in the fields of system catering and procurement logistics
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