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General Handlabeler

Handlabelers are manually operated, mechanical devices that print and dispense labels. Handlabelers can be used to quickly and easily label and mark goods with a wide variety of information.

A handlabeler is used for effective and legally binding customer communication at product level. It allows you to communicate information such as prices, best-before dates or other mandatory information quickly and easily on your product via a printed label. These contribute to effective customer communication.

Fields of application are for example

  • Article number
  • Expiry date
  • Letters
  • Coding
  • date
  • Egg labelling
  • Company name
  • Company imprint
  • Weight information
  • sizes
  • Large print
  • Base prices
  • Best before date
  • Annual figures
  • Quantities
  • Numbers (e.g. batch, lot)
  • Deposit
  • Mandatory information according to LMIV and HACCP
  • prices
  • Price reductions
  • Discounts
  • Slogan
  • Textile labelling
  • Currencies
  • Advertising & Promotion

Advantages of Meto handlabelers:

  • Experience since 1959 with continuous further development of handlabelers
  • Efficient labelling and marking at product level
  • very easy to use
  • quick and uncomplicated
  • light and robust
  • Ergonomic for fatigue-free working
  • application with little effort thanks to optimised lever travel
  • Clearly legible print images
  • Quick and easy label change
  • Simple and clean colour roll change
  • Ready for immediate use
  • Guarantee and support at all times

Handlabelers are available in a wide range of standard variants.
A basic distinction is made between handlabelers according to the area of application. The area of application in turn determines the final label size as well as the number of lines and digits of the price labeller.

In principle, a handlabeler should be durable and robust. For users, this means that such a price labeller is just as user-friendly to use as it is ergonomic. In addition to the quality workmanship itself, a handlabeler should be perfectly matched to the respective area of application. An optimally coordinated and certified setup consisting of a handlabeler, suitable labels and a high-quality ink roll results in a perfect print image.

By pressing the handle, the print ribbon or stamp is guided over a roller-shaped "stamp pad" and moistened with black ink. In the same step, the stamp is pressed onto a label and the imprint or printed image is created. Thanks to the optimised lever travel in the device, very little force is required to operate the handlabeler.

When the handle is released, the printed label is dispensed from the front of the labeller via a dispensing lip. The label tape in the device is automatically fed a little further. The next label is then in the perfect position for the next print.

Individual print positions can be set to the desired value using an adjustment knob on the printing unit. To do this, simply move the slider to the position to be changed and turn the wheel until the desired value appears in the printing unit window. This allows you to set each individual position. If positions on the label are to remain blank, it is also possible to set blind values. Finally, move the slider back to the starting position. The print ribbon or stamp is now set to your desired print image.

You can find operating instructions in our Prorodukt support area. Here you can download instructions or watch a video.

A handlabeler consists of plastic and metal parts. You can dispose of the handlabeler with normal household waste. The ink roll is also free from harmful substances and can therefore also be disposed of with household waste

  1. Please ensure that the correct label size is used for your handlabeler (see image).
  2. In the second step, make sure that the labels are inserted correctly. Please refer to the operating instructions for your handlabeler (see operating instructions above)
  3. If the handlabeler still does not work, please contact us

Thanks to the universal transport cut (UTC) of the labels, they are suitable for all common handlabelers with the appropriate label size, e.g. Meto, Contact, Blitz, Tovel, Open, Sato, Etimark, Samark, Herlitz, Prix, Avery Zweckform, etc.


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