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Labels for Hand-Labelers

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Identification and labeling in original Meto quality.
For the retail, service and industrial sectors.

Regardless of whether they are for advertising or information, with original Meto labels you can be certain you’ve made the right choice. We offer a large selection in the best quality.

We can supply you with a wide range of colours, formats and adhesives – including special labels tailored to your individual wishes.

Label materials

We offer a range of label materials to suit your special areas of use.

Papier Haftetiketten D
Paper adhesive labels
Duplex Paper Labels GB
Duplex paper adhesive labels

Can be removed and reapplied thanks to the second adhesive layer.

Dry Peel Paper Labels Gb
Dry-peel paper adhesive labels

Dry, can be removed without an adhesive layer.

Plastic Labels 1 GBPlastic Label 2 GB
Plastic adhesive labels

Made of polyester or polyethylene for labeling products in outdoor areas.


Kunststoff Haengeetikett Cartex
Plastic hanging labels

“Cartex” without adhesive for attachment using swiftachs.

Dissolving Haftetiketten
“Dissolving” adhesive labels

These dissolve completely under the influence of water.

Label formats
Standardformate Wellenrandetiketten
Standard formats – wavy-edged labels
Standardformate Rechtecketiketten
Standard formats – rectangular labels
Standardformate Rundetiketten
Standard formats – round labels
Special Sizes GB
Labels in special formats
Werbeeetiketten Formate
Advertising label formats
Label colours / pre-print colours

What colour would you like your labels to be? We can offer you this selection of Meto colours. We will also be happy to print your labels in the colours of your choice in accordance with the Pantone colour chart.

METO Standard Color Chart for Labels
METO Standard Color Chart for labels
  • Preprint colors on white background
  • Preprint colors on fluorescent background
  • Label background colors
  • Label background colors fluorescent
Adhesives GB

Select the appropriate adhesive to suit your fields of application.
We also offer labels which completely dissolve under the influence of water.

Cuts and perforations
Cuts Gb
Security cuts

Protects against relabelling by customers. The label is torn if anyone attempts to remove it.

Perforations GB

Perforations for the separation of partly glued labels.

Relax Cuts GB
Relax cuts

Relax cuts ensure optimum adhesion on curved surfaces.

Cartex Cut GB
Cartex cut

The Cartex cut makes it possible to attach a plastic hanging label (without adhesive) using tacking thread.

Label applications
Standard Grundpreisauszeichnung
Standard price and basic price marking

Ensuring that the sales price is clearly visible is a fundamental prerequisite for a buying decision. With Meto labels you can provide the necessary clarity and make it easier for your customers to find the right price for each product.

30 Mm Rund Offre Speciale32 X 19 Offre Speciale 232 X 19 Offre Speciale32 X 19 Kennzeichnung33 Mm Le Prix33 Mm Rund 3 Euro32 X 19 Date D Ouverture Dlc Dlv32 X 19  30 Prozent Remise En Caisse32 X 19 Ancien Prix29 X 28 Service Sterilise29 X 28 Date De Sterilisation29 X 28 Date Fraicheur29 X 28 A Consommer Jusqu Au29 X 28 A Consommer De Prference29 X 28 Matieres Perissables33 Mm Rund Nouveaute33 Mm Rund Promo
Labeling sale items and discounted goods

Meto promotion labels up the profile of your offerings and support you in

  • labeling reduced items
  • promoting new products
  • marking promotion articles
  • prompting impulse purchases

because 40% of buying decisions are made right at the shelf.

33 Mm Rund Mi Haltbar Bis Fr29 X 28 Meiers Backstube76 X 76 Fleischerfachbetrieb Schulz76 X 76 Monday80 X 160 Eieretikett26 X 12 Rueckstellmuster26 X 12 Eingelagert 1326 X 12 Gekuehlt Mindestens26 X 12 Mon26 X 12 Tues33 Mm Rund Di Haltbar Bis Do26 X 12 Abgepackt Am33 Mm Rund Unter Schutzatmosphaere76 X 76 Tuesday26 X 12 Geoeffnet Am33 Mm Rund Mo Haltbar Bis Mi26 X 12 Wed50 Mm Rund Frische Siegel26 X 12 Zu Verbrauchen39 X 28 Faust Weissbier29 X 28 Reduziert Kurzes Mhd60 X 40 Oval Deutsches Rindfleisch76 X 76 Wednesday
Food labeling

Meto labels help you to satisfy the requirements of European food law and to ensure labelling in accordance with HACCP requirements.

Labeling solutions for industry

Clear identification and reliable monitoring – not all products are alike, and labeling makes this clear. Our labelling solutions for

36 X 28 Foerch29 X 28 Federstecker26 X 12 Bmw Etikett
• Product labeling
36 X 35 Dhl Checked36 X 35 Control Barcode29 X 28 Cross Qualitaetsstatus
• Quality assurance
33 Mm Rund Unter Schutzatmosphaere 126 X 12 Zu Verbrauchen 126 X 12 Eingelagert 13 1
• Best-by date/expiration date
36 X 35 Datum Tor Filiale50 Mm Rund Ware Original Verpackt22 X 16 14 Mm 45 Gruen
• Packaging labeling
26 X 12 Pa 1026fh1132 X 19 Pa 1832 5 St RotMeto Eagle Pa 82222 X 12 Pa 2207 4 St RotPa 2207 Light22 X 12 Pa 822 4 St Rot22 X 12 Pa 722 4 St Rot
• Textile labeling in production
29 X 28 Steri Vordruck Gelb32 X 19 Steri Balken Mitte29 X 28 Steri Lager 201329 X 28 Steri Balken Hoch
Medical sterilisation

Meto sterilisation labels to indicate that medical instruments have been sterilised. Identification, monitoring and documentation with a label.
Meto sterilisation labels facilitate reliable process control for medical sterilisation using steam, thanks to a permanent change in the colour of the indicator ink. It is also possible to print out additional data such as the steriliser, person responsible, date, batch number and use-by date.

29 X 28 Em Old Price New26 X 16 Em Getraenke Jaeger27 X 30 Rf Starkauf29 X 32 Rf Offre Speciale32 X 19 Em Kruidvat33 X 39 Rf Aus Unserer Werbung
Merchandise security

Labeling and security in a single operation with electromagnetic and radio-frequency labels for Checkpoint merchandise security systems.

Label Finder
Tool-printing label templates - Label Finder

With our label template generator, you can generate an image of the corresponding label template by selecting the desired device and print image.

>> go to Label Finder

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