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System Catering

Identification and Labelling Solutions for the Retail Sector and System Catering

20.9 % of all complaints in German facilities regarded problems with labelling and packaging.
Our Meto system solutions help you to satisfy statutory requirements for food labelling.


Increase the speed of your merchandise sales

Customers only purchase products for which they are able to find the price.
Meto labeling and sales promotion solutions help you achieve your objectives throughout your store while increasing impulse purchases.


Textile labeling from production through to the store

Whether it be for labelling each piece in production or for the finished products, we can provide the right adhesives for any surface or a suitable labelling element for your merchandise.


Complying with legal requirements – using labeling to increase product sales

Customers expect product and price information in the direct vicinity of the article. Retailers and service providers are legally required to take particular care when dealing with food, including its identification and labelling.
We can satisfy the full range of requirements for this product segment – including compliance with food legislation, emotional store design and the professional identification of sale items.

Consumer Electronics

Information right with the product

Showcase the technical details, article information and sales price to great effect with Meto.
Department identification and customer guidance systems serve as orientation for your customers and offer them a clear view of your product range.

DIY Garden Centres

Indoor and outdoor product labeling

Are you looking for labelling solutions for both indoor and outdoor areas? Are you interested in customer guidance systems, or do you require displays for special product placements and pallet goods?
We have the right frame for your needs.

Pharmacies Chemists Cosmetics

Pharmaceuticals and non-prescription products perfectly labeled

Showcase your good name and let your customers know about your special service in an appropriate fashion.
Meto offers a complete range of products for professional identification, labeling, advertising and sales promotion in pharmacies.



Efficient processes demand smart solutions

Precise labelling and secure identification – that is what the Meto brand stands for.
It makes possible the fast and verifiable inspection of products in production, quality assurance, warehousing and distribution at any time.

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