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Innovative and highly effective labelling and marking solutions for the global retail industry.

METO - Your Retail Label Expert

In keeping with its new claim, “Your Retail Label Expert”, METO develops, produces and sells a large number of labels and labelling solutions. Our portfolio includes price and advertising labels, products for labelling in accordance with the German Food Information Regulation (FIR) and HACCP directives, barcode labels and electromagnetic merchandise security labels. We supplement this portfolio with cost-efficient solutions for fresh produce labelling, fixture solutions for electronic price labelling, and sales promotion solutions.

For nearly 60 years, METO has repeatedly invented labelling and sales promotion solutions that continue to define today's standard practice in the retail sector. In doing so, we have made it possible for retailers to inform customers of prices, use-by dates, product information, special promotions and much else besides in an effective manner while doing a better job of communicating all types of information that promote sales.


Tradition and innovation

We see ourselves as a provider of high-quality products and partner to the retail sector. Our success is the result of decades of experience and our close collaboration with our customers. As a result, we are also able to develop innovative and customer-specific concepts and implement these with precision. Our solutions are designed to help retailers satisfy the ever-changing requirements of the retail industry while remaining well-equipped for the demands of the future.

METO has been around for nearly 100 years. The company was established in Cologne in 1918 by Adolf Metzger and Oskar Kind. Since 2016, METO has been a part of CCL Industries Inc., a market leader in the field of labelling and packaging solutions for companies and consumers. Within the CCL Group, METO is managed as an independent company within CCL's Avery division. METO, which is based in Hirschhorn am Neckar, employs approx. 200 people.


Our certifications

The METO brand places great value on ensuring the high quality and durability of its products. To ensure that this remains the case for us and our customers over the long term, we aspire to more than high standards – we also subject ourselves to the demanding standards of external organisations, something that is demonstrated by a series of recognised certifications.


Ethical guidelines

Together with other CCL companies we are follow ethical standards and are committed to fair and equitable treatment. Our business ethics guide can be found here.


Our history


Celebration. 50 years of Meto label manufacturing. 


METO introduces "Your Retail Label Expert" as a new claim.  

Barcode labels and electromagnetic security labels are added to the product portfolio. 


Checkpoint Systems is taken over by CCL Industries Inc. and METO made an independent company within the CCL group. Checkpoint International GmbH is renamed METO International GmbH for this purpose. 


Our METO product line (labelling and sales promotion systems) becomes a division of Checkpoint Systems Inc.


The new "METO EAGLE" equipment line generation is developed in the premium segment and launched on the market.


The sale of labelling and sales promotion products to regional customers in Germany is transferred to independent franchise partners.


METO is taken over by Checkpoint Systems Inc. (Thorofare/USA), a US merchandise security specialist.


The Promoflex division, now responsible for sales-promotion labelling, is founded.


The company launches its own label production, and the wave-edged label is brought to market. At the same time, the first security cut is offered – this is an effective measure for combating repricing.


The METO-Gesellschaft Oskar Kind mbH is founded.


Now labels can also be supplied with a customised pre-print. 


Oskar Kind develops the "Jedermann" (German for "everyman"), the first hand-held labelling tool, and manual labelling is born. Kind had the idea of simplifying the application of labels to goods on a trip to America. By 1970, 450,000 Jedermann units had been manufactured and sold. 


Production of semi-automatic dispensers of adhesive packaging strips (MK, BK) begins. Over 20,000 dispensers are sold in Germany and abroad. 


During the war, the company's headquarters is bombed and the company moves to new premises in Hirschhorn (Neckar).

1937 / 1959

The product range comprises wire-tie packaging equipment and staplers. In 1937, the company adds a toy manufacturing operation, which it sells again in 1959. The "Tip-Kick" table football game remains familiar even today.


On 16 February, Adolf Metzger and Oskar Kind found METO Schnürungs GmbH in Cologne. The product range comprises wire-tie packaging equipment and staplers. The letters of the company name are taken proportionally from the names of its two founders (Metzger owning 75%, Kind 25%): Adolf METzger, Oskar Kind. In 1920, Metzger sells his share in the company to Kind.

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