Meto warranty terms

Warranty for the countries of the European Union and Switzerland*

Meto International GmbH, Ersheimer Strasse 69, 69434 Hirschhorn, Germany, shall guarantee the purchasers of (new) products listed below that no material defects will occur during the indicated warranty periods from the date of delivery. Should any such defects arise during this period Meto shall, on presentation of the delivery note, decide at its own discretion whether to rectify defects or provide a defect-free replacement. Please refer any such matters to the person specified under Contact. This warranty shall not include defects that can be attributed to improper usage on the part of the user or that are only brought to light after the warranty period has expired.

ProductStandard warrantySerial number registration
Meto Basic pricing gun12 months12 months + 12 months = 24 months
Meto Classic pricing gun24 months24 months + 12 months = 36 months
Pricing gun ink rolls24 monthsExcluded
Meto labels (does not apply to labels with removable adhesive property)24 monthsExcluded
Meto labels with removable adhesive property12 monthsExcluded

* Determined by the purchaser’s address.