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METO sales promotion – the decision is made at the point of sale


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Price cassettes – price displays

The flexible cassette and display system offers convenient solutions for professional merchandise display in every retail sector, including counter systems, large price displays and the designation of special offers. This makes it easy to quickly adjust prices and carry out spontaneous promotions.
The new PromoLabel Aqua price cassette with protection against splashed/ sprayed water extends the use of environmentally responsible paper tickets to service counters. Retailers can design their tickets in an online editor and print them out locally. This solution particularly supports the retail sector in implementing the new EU Food Information Regulation (FIR) from mid-December 2014 onwards.

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Fixing solutions

No ceiling is too high, no freezer too wide. This programme integrates seamlessly into your shop fit-out and opens up virtually boundless individual design scope for sales rooms.
Each system is characterised by simple installation and remains firmly in place. And the products take centre stage.

ESL Fixing Solution C1000-006ESL Fixing Solution C1000-217ESL Fixing Solution MediaM 090
Fixing solutions for electronic price marking

For your shop we offer suitable accessories for the attachment of electronic price tags from nameable manufacturers. Don´t hesitate to contact us.

Framing solutions
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Plastic framing systems

Regardless of whether they are used for hanging or stand-up displays, plastic frames from Meto are the right choice for your product offerings throughout the store. These systems are distinguished by their ease of use and tremendous visual impact. An optional transparent cover protects the poster against dirt and moisture. Switching product offerings is a piece of cake.

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Aluminium snap frame

Make your POS even more attractive with our range of aluminium snap frames – the universal product offering medium for indoor and outdoor use. Snap frames and pavement stands are light yet sturdy constructions that present your product offerings where they are needed to achieve your sales objectives. A special outdoor profile protects posters against wind and weather in outdoor areas.

Creative display creation
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Manual & electronic display creation

Writing implements, ink, motif paper and blackboards for the classic presentation of product offerings by hand or as an electronic variant with the PosterMaker Prestige software. Present your product offerings swiftly and easily – with the right poster at all times.

CoverLine – covers for antennas

CoverLine antenna covers offer retailers added value by transforming their merchandise security antennae into an additional advertising space. The lightweight fabric is easy to install, does not reduce the effectiveness of the detection system and is available for all Checkpoint antenna systems from the 3G and EVOLVE series.

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Emotional image advertising and sales room design. An atmosphere conducive to sales at the POS can be created quickly and easily with this innovative display system. Environmentally friendly inks are used for printing, and every fabric we offer is certified B1 flame retardant. Switching motifs by replacing individual prints is a snap, and no tools are required. EmotionLine is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, can be deployed in light box form and is compatible with sprinkler systems.

Shelf presentation solutions
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Shelf edge profiles

Attractive price and product communications and an enhanced visual appeal of product offers are among the benefits offered by our shelf edge profiles, shelf stoppers and special offer crowners. We produce profiles for all standard shelf types, and can also do so in special colours in accordance with the order and volume.

Shelf optimisation systems

Keep your shelves – and your store – neat and tidy. Our shelf optimisation systems ensure neat and tidy shelves. This appealing appearance helps customers quickly find what they are looking for. The merchandise is on show at the front edge of the shelves at all times, and it quickly becomes evident if anything is unavailable.

Shopping convenience
Produkte VerkaufsfoerderungShopping Basket
Shopping baskets

Shopping baskets make shopping easier for your customers while boosting your turnover. The stackable baskets with a capacity of 22 litres are light and come in attractive colours. The sides can be printed to your individual specifications. Shopping baskets which can be rolled along accommodate more articles, thereby boosting sales once again. The “Bobby” shopping basket with a capacity of 48 litres features integrated rollers which allow it to be easily pulled around your sales room. It can also be carried by means of an additional handle.

Rahmensysteme Prospekthalter
Brochure holders

Brochure holders for suspending or standing showcase your information and make it available to the customer anywhere. The transparent plastic frames are available for DIN A4 and 1/3 A4 formats.

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Customer satisfaction analysis

Measure customer satisfaction wherever and whenever you wish – monitor service quality

HappyOrNot is our innovative analytical tool for determining customer satisfaction that can be used anywhere, allowing you to evaluate important information about what is happening in a store during the entire time it is open. It supplies valuable data on customers' opinions and identifies potential improvements.

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