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Sectors > Food

Complying with legal requirements – using labeling to increase product sales

Customers expect product and price information in the direct vicinity of the article. Retailers and service providers are legally required to take particular care when dealing with food, including its identification and labelling.

We can satisfy the full range of requirements for this product segment – including compliance with food legislation, emotional store design and the professional identification of sale items .

P2154 Meto E Letter Nr 5 D 00714 LMIV
New Food Information Regulation (LMIV)
More transparency for consumers shopping. Uniform labeling rules within the EU.
Meto eLetter Nr 9 D 100315
Fixture solutions for electronic pricing
Fittings for all departments and categories of goods
Metopi Neue Firmierung
Meto International GmbH
Meto nach Umfirmierung wieder eigenständiger
PromoLabel Aqua Preiskassette DEU
PromoLabel Aqua
New price cassette for the labelling of fresh foods, with protection against splashed/sprayed water