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Meto – Labelling for better sales – Since 1959.
Innovative and highly effective labelling and sales promotion solutions for in-store communication and advertising,
shelf management and shopping convenience for the global retail industry.


Over the past 55 years, METO has repeatedly invented sales promotion and merchandise labelling solutions that continue to define today's standard practice in the retail sector. METO is committed to developing solutions that are easy to set up and simple to use. As such, these solutions meet the requirements of a retail sector which faces constant change and which operates according to the motto: time is money. The Meto brand epitomises quality and durability, providing the industry with the solutions it needs to most effectively reach its customers.

Meto owes some of its success to the fact that it has been working closely with the retail industry since the very beginning. This relationship enables us to continue developing innovative concepts for our customers.

Hand-labelling and sales promotion systems from Meto make it possible for retailers to inform customers of prices, promotions, product origins and use-by dates in an effective manner and to better communicate all types of information that promotes sales.


On 16 February, Adolf Metzger and Oscar Kind establish the Meto company in Cologne.
1937 / 1959
The company's product range consists of packaging devices using wire binding technology and tacking devices. In 1937 the company acquires a games producer, which it sells in 1959. The "Tip-Kick" table football game remains familiar even today.
During the war, the company's headquarters is bombed and the company moves to a new premises in Hirschhorn (Neckar.
since 1951
Semi-automated dispensers for adhesive strips (MK, BK) for packaging are produced. More than 20,000 of these dispensers are sold in Germany and abroad.
Oskar Kind returns from a trip to the USA with the idea of simplifying the application of labels to merchandise and starts production of the first “Jedermann” hand-labeller. The device is a hit, as it is able to print and dispense a label in a single step. This marks the start of hand-labelling. By 1970, 450,000 "Jedermann" devices have already been produced and sold.
since 1962
Labels can also be supplied with a customised pre-print.
Establishment of METO-Gesellschaft Oskar Kind mbH.
The company launches its own label production, and the wave-edged label is brought to market. At the same time, the first security cut is offered – this is an effective measure for combating repricing.
METO is taken over by Checkpoint Systems Inc. (Thorofare/USA), a US merchandise security specialist.
In order to supply regional customers with labelling and sales promotion products, Checkpoint Systems establishes a distribution system consisting of independent franchise partners in Germany.
The former METO product line (Labeling and Merchandising Solutions) becomes a Division of Checkpoint Systems Inc.
2011 2012 2013
The successful METO franchise system is transferred to other European countries.
Meto is separated from the Checkpoint group to now operate as individual unit Meto International GmbH.


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Checkpoint Systems Inc.

Whether you are looking for effective shrinkage management, a clearer overview of your stock levels or apparel labelling systems, in Checkpoint Systems you will find a partner who is among the global market leaders in all these fields.

Checkpoint works with retailers and their suppliers to provide services that reduce shrinkage and improve the shelf availability of merchandise while making it possible to use real-time data to optimise operational processes. Checkpoint offers a range of solutions that take advantage of the company's more than 40 years of experience.

These products and services include radio frequency identification technology, a wide range of shrinkage management services, extensive labelling solutions for apparel, industry-leading RFID applications, innovative security for articles that are at particular risk of shoplifting and the web-based data management platform Check-Net.

As a result, Checkpoint customers benefit from increased sales and profits thanks to improved processes along the supply chain, the printing of labels as and when needed and an open presentation of merchandise that is protected against theft, something that makes the shopping experience more attractive for customers.

Peter Stern establishes Checkpoint Systems in Pennsylvania (USA). The company offers security systems for theft prevention to retailers and libraries.
The first security system for public libraries and university libraries is introduced. Sales increase from USD 1 million in 1972 to USD 8 million in 1980.
The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CKP.
Wechsel des Firmensitzes nach Thorofare (New Jersey). Das weltweit agierende Unternehmen setzt 10 Mill. US-Dollar um.
The company moves its headquarters to Thorofare, New Jersey (USA). The globally active company generates USD 10 million in sales.
Introduction of source tagging based on radio-frequency technology and the development of paper-thin RF labels that can be integrated into products.
Checkpoint Systems collaborates with the Mitsubishi Materials Corporation to establish a product research and development group for RFID solutions in the library, retail and industrial sectors.
RAM tag labels make it possible to implement logistical rationalisation processes: they are equipped with a memory chip based on radio frequency identification (RFID).
Checkpoint Systems Inc. takes over Meto.
Checkpoint Systems centralises its German operations in Heppenheim. The Meto sales and distribution company and the German headquarters of the US company move to their current location on Bergstrasse from Hirschhorn and Neuss respectively.
Checkpoint Systems purchases AW Printing, a leading provider of high-quality label holders, security tags and packaging solutions for the apparel industry.
Juli 2001
Checkpoint Systems joins forces with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Auto-ID-Center and supports its research into automatic identification solutions.
Checkpoint Systems organises the European Source Tagging Forum and lends its support to publicising the European Retail Theft Barometer study.
The new third-generation digital antennas combine the functions of label detection and transferring data to the corporate network.
Checkpoint Systems joins EPC Global, a non-profit company whose objective is to promote the use of RFID in the mass market and for supply chain applications worldwide.
Checkpoint Systems acquires the label specialists ADS in England.
Checkpoint Systems purchases Sidep in France, a provider of EAS systems and products.
Checkpoint Systems takes over Alpha, US-based specialists for high theft solutions.
In order to supply regional customers with article security systems and accessories, Checkpoint Systems establishes a distribution system consisting of independent franchise partners in Germany.
Checkpoint Systems acquires RFID specialists Oat in the USA.
Checkpoint Systems purchases Brilliant, a China-based producer of paper textiles and fabric labels.
2011 2012 2013
The successful Checkpoint franchise system is transferred to other European countries.
Takeover of Checkpoint Systems by Canadien CCL Industries Inc.


Corporate values

The Checkpoint company is committed to its core values. Throughout its history, Checkpoint has always striven to ensure that its actions are guided by honesty, integrity, openness, innovation and a passion for outstanding performance.

Making sure that we deliver exactly what we promise.

Acting in accordance a strict moral and ethical code.

Being honest and wiling to see things from a different point of view.

Being willing to acknowledge and value ideas, opinions and people regardless of their age, origin or status.

Channelling our talent and our creativity in order to develop new solutions.

Outstanding performance:
Never ceasing in our efforts to do even better.

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Meto International GmbH
Meto nach Umfirmierung wieder eigenständiger
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PromoLabel Aqua
New price cassette for the labelling of fresh foods, with protection against splashed/sprayed water
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New Food Information Regulation (LMIV)
More transparency for consumers shopping. Uniform labeling rules within the EU.