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METO - The whole range for Hand Labeling and Merchandising

Welcome to METO,

Checkpoint´s brand for professional hand labeling solutions and merchandising

– for 55 years innovative partner of the trade, service and manufacturing industries.

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TOWA Universal Label Dispensers

TOWA always fits!

The TOWA devices´s “Mech-Sensor-System” automatically detects the label´s leading edge thus provides absolute dispensing accuracy of form labels. No special transport cuts or sensor marks are required.
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TOWA hand labelers are available as TOWA APN 10-30, 30, 60, 100 - APF 30, 60 and 100 suitable for label sizes of 18 x 20 mm up to 100 x 60 mm.

Handauszeichner Preisauszeichner EAGLE L XL

1, 2 and 3-line labelers offering 18-23 digits (EAGLE L) and 7-36 digits (EAGLE XL) for price tagging, coding, marking of sale offers or labeling in accordance with food law. Print line height 3.0-8.3 mm. Label formats EAGLE L: 25x19 square, 32x19 mm wavy-edged. Label formats EAGLE XL: 29x20, 29x28, 29x32 mm square, 26 mm round. Also available as dispensers (without printing unit) for preprinted labels.

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New Food Information Regulation (LMIV)
More transparency for consumers shopping. Uniform labeling rules within the EU.
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